Communiqué : Iraqi Theatre Dec 12th, 2007 (english version)


At the end of the festival „Iraqi Theatre at home and away“, which took place in Berlin
from the 19- 22 September 2006, representatives of the participating institutions met
to create a communiqué to continue the cooperation and to amplify the cultural
dialogue between artists from Europe and Iraq.

About the current situation of the Iraqi Culture

The Iraqi culture has a long tradition of modern theatre forms. Since the seventies
this tradition has been attacked by wars and dictatorships but it is still alive.
The social, political and economics sector in Iraq are supported by different
organizations but at the same time, the cultural sector misses out on such help.

Due to the consequences of the war and the current political and social problems in
Iraq, the possibility to work and of expression for the artists are quite restricted and
dangerous. An infrastructure (theatre, technical facilities) is almost no longer existent.
At the moment, the only theatre that has not been destroyed is the Iraqi-National
theatre of Baghdad. However security in Baghdad is not guaranteed.

The cultural self-image and self-reflection of the Iraqi people is especially important
due to the current situation of political and cultural reorganisation.

Declaration of intent

We want to support the work of the Iraqi artists and the development of the cultural
infrastructure, in particular visual arts, with people, institutions and networks which
are available.
We are planning to continue the festival „Iraqi Theatre at home and away“ in
September 2007. Our main focus will be on the meeting and the exchange between
young artists from Iraq and Europe. This exchange will be supported by workshopprojects.
Additionally we would like to deliver to the Iraqi artists an insight into the
techniques and infrastructure of Berlin's theatres. In the mid- term we are trying to
permit Iraqi artists who participate in the festival to work or to stay for studies in

Possibilities of Promotion and of encouragement
At the moment encouragement is possible and desirable in two sectors:

1. Theatre- and show technique

As there is almost no infrastructure for theatres currently existing, theatre-work in the
technical sector is quite limited. That´s why the possibility to get some experience or
to get some studies in the scenographic and lightdesign sectors are deficient. The
support with funds and materials is an essential and wise way of support.

2. A Stay abroad for Iraqi artists

At the moment is it almost impossible in Iraq for Iraqi artists to work or to present
their works in public. In order to enable and create thus encouraging and stabilizing
impulses for the Iraqi culture to particularly representing artists, it is therefore urgently
necessary to enable these artists to work and to present their work abroad
The build up of a network to support stays abroad and to create guest performances
of Iraqi artists is meaningful.

Committee for preparation

To prepare these supports at the end of the communique, a commission was labelled
which initiates
- the networking
- the appraisal of what is needed, of potential supporters and
- the appraisal of eligible artists and projects.

Members of the Committee

Yasin Alnasayyir; Author; Akad. Stiftung; Den Haag; Niederland, Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein!
Yousif I.A. Alani; Theater-artist; Irak; Representative of the “ITI”; Baghdad
Christoff Bleidt; Director; Förderband e.V. Kulturinitiative Berlin, Theaterhaus Mitte
Berlin; Bundesrepublik Deutschland
Abduli Hame-Juan; Irak; Actor; Suleymanie
Aziz Khayon; Actor; Mohtaraf-Theater; Baghdad; Irak
Shamaly Abe Rash; Actor; Niederlande
Ahmed Salar Qorbanee; Irak; Representative of the “Union of theatre-artists”; Arbil
Gabrielle Schohl; Kulturmanagerin; Theaterhaus Mitte Berlin; Bundesrepublik
Ihsan Othmann; Director; IO-Theater Berlin; Bundesrepublik Deutschland

European partners:
Theaterhaus Mitte, Berlin
Akad-Stiftung, Den-Haag
MS Stubnitz, Rostock
IO-Theater, Berlin

Iraqi partners:
Internationales Theaterinstitut (ITI) Baghdad
Hochschule der Künste, Baghdad
Verband der Theaterschaffenden/Arbil
Salar-Theater, Arbil
Motharaf-Theater, Bagdad

Kontaktadresse: Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein!

Participants of the communiqué:
Shuaadh Abdulla, Actor, Mohtaraf-Theater, Baghdad, Irak
Glüsha Arslan, Artist, Author, Film-maker, Berlin, Bundesrepublik Deutschland
Ibtesam M. Aziz, Actor, Mohtaraf-Theater, Baghdad, Irak
Antje Hobucher, Actor, IO-Theater, Berlin, Bundesrepublik Deutschland,
Sara Karem, Actor, Bonn, Bundesrepublik Deutschland
Dr. Ikbal Naeem, Actor, Mohtaraf-Theater, Baghdad, Irak
Dr. Awatif Naeem, Actor, Mohtaraf-Theater, Baghdad, Irak
Fatma Jasm Robeyi, Actor, Mohtaraf-Theater, Baghdad, Irak
Gabrielle Schohl, Kulturmanagerin, Theaterhaus Mitte Berlin, Bundesrepublik,
Yasin Alnasayyir, Author,Akad-Stiftung, Den Haag, Niederlande
Sehil Abdul Amir, Costume- and Setdesigner, Mohtaraf-Theater, Baghdad, Irak
Jamil Aziz, Author, Bonn, Bundesrepublik Deutschland
Fahmi Balay, Artist, Leader of the Kurdish Culture-Institut, Berlin, Bundesrepublik Deutschland
Guhdar Bazaz, Artist, Berlin, Bundesrepublik Deutschland
Christoff Bleidt, Director, Förderband e.V. Kulturinitiative, Theaterhaus Mitte, Berlin, Bundesrepublik
Sirwan Jamal Faraj, Actor, Den Haag, Niederlande
Salim Haji, Journalist, Editor of „Havibon“, Berlin, Bundesrepublik Deutschland
Hazim Haji, Journalist, Berlin, Bundesrepublik Deutschland
Aziz Khayon, Actor, Mohtaraf-Theater, Baghdad, Irak
Lokman Mahmoud, Musician, Director, Nürnberg, Bundesrepublik Deutschland
Mansour , Artist, Vertreter von AKI, (Arabisches Kulturinstitut) Berlin, Bundesrepublik Deutschland
Soran I. Mohammad, Stage-Designer, Den-Haag, Niederlande
Ihsan Othmann, Director, IO-Theater Berlin, Bundesrepublik Deutschland,
Mohsen Othman, Actor, Author, Berlin, Bundesrepublik Deutschland
Kamaran Raoof , Film-maker und Actor, Den-Haag, Niederlande
Shamaly Abe Rash, Actor, Niederlande
Thomas Roth, Director, Berlin, Bundesrepublik Deutschland
Omar Towi, Actor, Berlin, Bundesrepublik Deutschland